Pinwheel Farm began as a dream–first the fantasy of a tiny cabin in the woods, raising sheep and spinning yarn…various revisions over the years…then much later a roughly sketched business plan for a 20 acre vegetable farm as a class project. You probably have a dream like that floating around somewhere, too. For me, the barrier always seemed to be affording the land.

Then the land appeared, almost effortlessly, and Pinwheel Farm was begun.

The land is here, some of the very best agricultural soil anywhere, in an outstanding location, with unlimited groundwater and a great growing climate. After years of hard work, financial input, and sweat equity, most of the real estate has been “ransomed” from the conventional financial system. This gives me a great deal of flexibility in how I choose to pass it on to others.

It’s time for my relationship with Pinwheel to change. Does this place fit your dream? It could become yours–to use, to lease, even perhaps to own. The cost to you will not be calculated just in dollars, but based on the whole package that you can bring to the farm–tools, skills, sweat equity, etc. Can you believe it? Are you ready and able to take advantage of this rare and unusual opportunity?

Tell me your dream, and how it fits my farm. Write a proposal…initially, a brief synopsis, as simple or as detailed as you like; the nitty gritty can come in due time. Make a proposal for whatever parts and parcels of Pinwheel Farm you’d like to include in your dream. Seriously. I’m listening.

Browse this website thoroughly to learn more about Pinwheel Farm and about this amazing opportunity to continue its 20 year legacy. Keep checking back as I update this website, create an email list dedicated to this succession project, etc. Contact me with any questions you may have. I’ll answer most questions publicly, so that everyone interested has the same information.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and the farm over the past 20 years. It’s been amazing, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Pinwheel will grow with new energy and input!

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