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Curious what I’ve been up to lately? Read on!

NEW JOB! I’ve accepted a grant-based position with Seward County Community College. This will involve working from a home office most of the time, while also traveling to Liberal, KS, approximately monthly to work with colleagues, and traveling around the state to gather information. If your proposal involves me leaving the farm, this job will greatly facilitate such a transition. It will also facilitate the sale of the farmhouse separately from the rest of the farm.

NEW DEADLINE! To transition smoothly to this new work schedule, while also accommodating lambing, sheep shearing, spring planting, and the beginning of the Farmer’s Market season, I’m extending the deadline for proposal synopses to May 31, 2016.

NEW SHORT TERM HOUSING OPPORTUNITY! I’ll be renting the main floor of the farmhouse as a 3 bedroom, 1 bath “apartment” as soon as possible, ideally to someone(s) interested in helping to carry out basic farm operations during times I’m traveling for work. This will be on a month-to-month basis to allow flexibility for the transition. I’ll use the south room in the basement as my work office; the entry way and the rest of the basement will be shared between tenants and the farm. The farm will use the garage. Tenants will have sole use of the parking circle and the front yard.

NEW VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES! My hope is to achieve a healthy balance between the new job and the farm operation. If you’d like to trade your time and energy for training, hands-on experience, and farm products, let me know your interests. Gardening, building, lambing help, harvesting, chicken care, Farmer’s Market booth…there are many ways you can be involved, have fun, and learn.

My plan is to keep the farm moving ahead according to my long-established plans until a transition plan is put in place. So planting, lambing, Sheep Shearing Open Farm Day, Farmer’s Market,¬† and other marketing events and production activities will happen as usual.

NEW IMPROVEMENTS! Since posting the initial RFP, a lot of work has been done on the residences:

  • 1480 N. 1700 Rd. is finally back on a residential electric service rate–significant cost savings!
  • The kitchen counter tile has been re-grouted and sealed; new faucet; area under sink totally rebuilt, lined with tile-board, and caulked; dishwasher installed.
  • The utility sink and cabinet have been reinstalled in the laundry room.
  • A built-in ironing board unit has been installed in the laundry room.
  • Carpet has been laid in the south finished room (“office”) in the basement.
  • At 501 North St., the fascia board has been replaced, and new guttering hung.

NEW LIVESTOCK! Waldo the black llama gelding is hanging out with the sheep. He’s much friendlier than our previous guardian llamas, and his fur is very long and soft. He’ll be shorn in June. We also have two bottle lambs that will be nice additions to the breeding flock. A ewe I sold to friends several years ago had quadruplets, and I’m bottle-feeding a ewe and a ram that will bring that prolific genetics…and a nice outcross with purebred Gulf Coast Native (parasite tolerant)–to the Pinwheel flock.

NEW FENCES AND GATES! And many other improvements around the farm. I’ve had some great WWOOFers staying here during the winter, and the mild season has allowed a lot of outdoor work.

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