Quick Update–Fall 2016

Job: Busy, challenging, rewarding!

RFP Deadline: Open-ended. Still seeking a way forward for new stewardship for the farm and land, but the overall effort is currently back-burnered due to the demands of the job. The right proposal could quickly bring it to the front burner and some types of transitions could be made quite quickly.

Make any offer you like…but please be aware that at this point, I’m most interested in some form of long-term partnership, lease, or crop share arrangement for the 3 farm parcels (Brown Barn, Tan House, and 10-A Farm Ground). Land ownership would remain as is or be transferred to some sort of trust. Day-to-day operations would be led by someone other than me. This moves the focus away from a potential collaborator/investor’s financial means, and focuses on their business, farm and ecosystem knowledge; diverse practical skills; appreciation of established longterm goals/values; and energy for running a complex farm operation and business.

Outright sale of either of the two residential parcels will be considered but must be sensitive to the functionality of the remaining farm real estate.

For all proposals, it is up to you to put a plan, price and terms on the table. Please do not ask me to do so. I’m evaluating overall packages, not cash offers; and only you know what total value you have to bring to the deal. Your knowledge, experience, skills, energy, creativity, etc. have value.

Farmhouse: Happily rented!

Stop wasting our time: The farm is in Kansas, in a well-populated area. Do not even bother to read the RFP or contact me about volunteering if you use marijuana or any other illegal drug. Illegal drug use is not allowed here. Period. Not for visitors, not for volunteers, not for potential partners/owners. Why is this so hard for folks to understand?

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