Email general inquiries/information to:; correspondence related to the RFP should be sent to:

Find and follow “Natalya Pinwheel Lowther” and “Pinwheel Farm” on Facebook. Please “Like” the farm page to receive day-to-day updates about farm activities.

Read and comment about day-to-day happenings at our blog, Reports from the Farm. There is a lot of great, detailed documentation of our learning curve, as well as funny happening and awesome nature photos. I’m going to try to update it more often starting late 2015. Lots of catch-up to do.

Telephone (785) 979-6786 (cell phone)
Please include your full name and number when you leave a message. No Caller ID, and we know a lot of Johns and Amys! Note: text messages are not always received in a timely manner. This is not a smart phone, and my ability to respond to texts is limited.

Mailing address for U.S. Postal Service. Correspondence related to the RFP should be marked “Attn: Pinwheel RFP”:
Pinwheel Farm
P.O. Box 1561
Lawrence, KS 66044

Physical address for UPS, FedEx, etc. and navigation applications (be sure to include the zip code!):
Pinwheel Farm
1480 N. 1700 Rd.
Lawrence, KS 66044

At the Downtown Lawrence Farmers’ Market
Booths 45 & 46 E on Saturday mornings, 7 – 11 a.m., opening day through closing day. Go to the EAST lot…the WEST lane…the EAST side…towards the NORTH end. We are south of Hoyland Farm and across from Wakarusa Valley Farm. Look for the bright green table cloths!

At the farm:
Please make an appointment ahead of time. See Directions from anywhere for directions. Please be aware that the farm is a registered agritourism site…see General Policies for liability statement.

Call me (or other designated contact person) about 15 minutes before you expect to be here. Verify which house to come to and where to park (if applicable). Let me know of any special needs (large vehicle, mobility concerns, heavy/awkward deliveries, etc.). If you don’t see someone upon arrival, call again.

If you are dropping by unannounced: Peek around the front yard, then bang on the door (which house? that’s why you should make an appointment!) and wait. No one around? Head around through the main farm gate (please close it if you open it, and watch for sheep in the yard) to the left of the white farmhouse and holler. That might summon the dog…she’s friendly, but you should throw a stick for her. Keep walking back toward the high tunnel and green barn and hollering. We may be in the barn or high tunnel, or out behind in the vegetable gardens, or even way out on the pasture.

Sigh. Maybe you should have planned ahead and emailed me the night before? Enjoy your ramble around looking for us, and leave any gates in the condition you found them! If all else fails, leave us a note in the Note Box on the front of the farmhouse!

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