There is a lot of consumer interest in CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture, or subscription service). Lawrence has several well-established, active CSAs which seem to do very well. It appears there is room for more CSAs both locally and elsewhere in the KC Metro area.

However, until Pinwheel has more committed, skilled participants, a CSA is not logistically feasible. I’ve tried, several different years. I’ve also tried doing veggie home deliveries. These marketing models just aren’t realistic, with only one of me. I have tried to find other farms to partner with, to be part of a multi-farm CSA (a common model around Lawrence), but have not found the right fit.

I hope that in the future, Pinwheel can have a CSA enterprise, either solo or as part of a collaborative effort. If you have the time and energy to lead such an effort, or know of a good match, please let me know.

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