Past events


Sheep Shearing Day! Saturday, March 17, 2012 about 10 a.m. until about noon. We’ll be solar powered again this year, featuring the Konza portable solar tracker. It’s an open farm day, so everyone is welcome to come watch the sheep get hair cuts. Come when you can, stay as long as you like. All ages and abilities welcome; please let us know if VIP parking would be helpful.  Folks can watch the shearing, help handle wool if they like, tour the farm, check out the solar tracker, etc. Bring a potluck item if you’d like to stay for lunch with the shearing crew afterwards. Dress for messy!

Please help minimize our carbon footprint as well as traffic congestion! If possible, arrive at the farm via bicycle, bus (2 blocks away at 5th and Lyon) or on foot. If you must drive, please carpool to reduce traffic on our narrow streets and make the most of limited parking. DO NOT park anywhere on North Street! We will have as much off-street parking as possible at the farm; please obey our parking crew. For out-of-town friends, due to the St. Patrick Parade, we recommend coming in on I-70 and parking in the big lot just past the stop light at the East Lawrence toll booth. The little blue Route 4 bus leaves from the west side, near the DMV office, 47 minutes after every hour (9:47, 10:47, etc.);  ask to get out at 5th and Lyon; walk north on 5th to North Street, turn right, and you’ll see signs from there. Fare is $1.00.

Rain will not cancel the shearing, but it will make some of our parking inaccessible. If you have concerns, feel free to call 841-4540 on the 17th only for on-the-spot updates.

If you’d like to volunteer to help with set-up, parking, etc., please contact Natalya at 785-979-6786.

(We’re sorry this coincides with the Lawrence St. Patricks Day Parade, but it can’t be helped. Other farms already have the sheep shearer scheduled years in advance for the second and fourth Saturdays in March.)

Lawrence Farmers Market Pre-Season Opening Day! Saturday, April 14, 2012; 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Find us in our usual spot, on the NORTH end of the EAST side of the WEST lane of the EAST parking lot at 824 New Hampshire (actually, we’re on the Rhode Island side, but that’s the official address).

Spring Sheep Shearing Day, Saturday, March 20, 2010, 10:00 am
Our annual main shearing day is always an open farm event. Bring your friends, children, parents, etc. (but NOT pets) and watch the sheep get their haircuts. Danny Smith, from Missouri, is our professional shearer for this event, but he is always willing to turn the shears over to those who want to try it (at their own risk). We try to have local fiber people on hand to demonstrate and answer questions about wool crafts. We offer shearing-day discounts on both old-stock and freshly sheared fleeces and processed wool, as well as delicious lamb meat. You can also tour the vegetable garden and the new High Tunnel, walk around the farm, and hopefully see the first of this year’s lambs.

There are many opportunities to get involved:

  • Farm cleanup and preparation hits a frenzy Thursday and Friday; extra hands are always welcome to move things around, put up signs, etc.
  • Parking attendants/traffic directors are needed to make sure we don’t interfere with neighbors’ use of the road; you’ll miss some of the activities but will make an important contribution to our neighborhood relations.
  • People familiar with the farm are needed to act as hosts during the unstructured times to direct people, give tours, answer questions, etc.
  • Several folks usually start out the bundling and weighing of the freshly-shorn wool, then teach attendees who want to help on the spot; child/parent teams work well for this.
  • One or two people to help move the sheep is helpful; muck boots and grubby clothes required!
  • One person is needed in the pen with the shearer to help tidy things up in between sheep.
  • In the past we’ve generally served purchased snacks to the shearer and crew but donations of healthier homemade goodies would be appreciated.

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