People not at the farm

People being people, the farm has had a few bad experiences.

“Expatriates” are people who have at one time had a beneficial relationship with Pinwheel Farm but who have been banned from presence or participation at the farm for cause. In most cases these are people who, through deliberate actions or negligence, have incurred significant debts to the farm or caused significant expenses, in excess of their contributions, that remain unpaid. A few have been banned for verbal or physical violence against the landowner and/or property of the farm. A list of expatriates with brief histories is available to landowner, partner(s), stewards or staff, and to others on a need-to-know basis only.

It is not Pinwheel Farm’s intent to maintain a punitive relationship with these individuals, but rather to set healthy boundaries and prevent further abuse of Pinwheel Farm resources until restitution is made and a positive relationship can be restored. Individuals may be proposed for addition or removal from the list of expatriates by the landowner, partner(s), stewards or staff. Such changes will be considered by these parties.

If an individual refuses a request from Pinwheel Farm staff to vacate the premises for violation of the General Policies, and the aid of law enforcement officers is required to escort the individual off the property, that person will immediately be considered an expatriate.

February 2010

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