Natalya has a long history of political activity in the areas of land preservation, land use, civil rights, and freedom to farm.

We believe in transparency and open, civil dialogue in all our affairs. Therefore, we will make an effort to post our key correspondences/submittals, public comment (including anonymous messages and statements from public organizations), and official government responses in this section. Each “issue” or “project” will have a separate page, although issues are often entangled.

Progress has been made. The City of Lawrence now allows “Natural Landscaping” (including edible landscaping) instead of threatening to forcibly mow vegetable gardens, and is exploring increased potential for urban farming. Douglas County has clarified its framework for regulating agritourism, and has changed its position on both occasional tent camping by a landowner or their friends and family, and also use of RVs, campers, etc. as accommodations for farm volunteers.


Continued participation in the City’s ┬áprocess of expanding options for urban farming will help shape the future of the farm, since there is always the possibility that the farm may someday be annexed by choice or by force.

The Kaw Water Transmission Main project, which first came to Natalya’s attention in 2008 when she found survey flags across the middle of the pasture, still threatens to significantly affect the usability of Pinwheel’s pasture at some unknown future time, and therefore threatens the sheep breeding and production program. This project will continue to require a certain commitment of time to maintain positive engagement with city officials while insisting on just compensation for permanent and temporary easements as well as damages, an environmentally sensitive construction process, and a fully implemented restoration of the pasture including tree plantings.

Will you carry on the important, but sometimes thankless, work of participating in writing and implementing local regulations and policies, while also defending the farm’s rights?

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