Correspondence with DCZC re: emergency camping


From: Keith Dabney

Ms. Lowther:
I read your request but cannot approve it.  If the request for a weekend then the issue would be different but long term camping as you know will require a CUP.
Keith Dabney, Director
Douglas County Zoning & Codes Dept.
2108 West 27th St. Suite I
Lawrence, Kansas 66047


From: Natalya Lowther

I am writing to inquire whether there is ANY possible means of getting emergency temporary permission to camp on my farm, PLEASE.

My guardian llama died, apparently of heat-related causes, about 1 1/2 weeks ago. Since then, there has been a problem with broken fences that point to either sheep being chased by a predator or possible vagrants stumbling about the pasture. I have also recently lost a lamb due to parasites/heat stress, and my herding dog died this week as well. The guardian llama and herding dog will take considerable time to obtain and train replacements.
The pasture is not visible from any point closer that about 300-400 feet from my house, and I am currently living in the basement since part of the house is rented out, so I can’t hear anything going on anywhere on the farm. Without the guardian llama, the sheep are critically vulnerable to attack, esp. by stray dogs…there have been many documented attacks in recent years. We have come up with some unique genetics in the flock this past couple years, and loss of the entire flock due to being chased or attacked in this heat is a very real danger and could be an irreplaceable genetic loss. The llama was also a certain measure of defense against human intruders, since he was very bold and stood over 6 feet tall.
As you well know, North Lawrence is known for its mosquitos. Hanging out in the pasture without the protection of a tent is not only uncomfortable but also a health hazard.
So, I would like to initially pitch a tent for myself or other volunteer “watchman” out in the pasture, and then as soon as possible get the tent camper back from where it is stored out-of-county and put it out there as a semi-permanent guard station until the sheep are brought back to the barns at the end of the pasture season. In this location it would be visible only very remotely from a few properties on E 1500 Rd. and from the neighbors’ garden at 517 North St. (Dave Higgins). We would have self-contained chemical toilet facilities and water and electric from the farm system as needed, so there would be no concern about sanitation, etc. We would be sure to have a fire extinguisher as well.
I hope you can authorize this under the circumstances. It is needed immediately.
Natalya Lowther
Pinwheel Farm
P.O. Box 1561
Lawrence, KS 66044

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