Request for Proposals

Buy it, build it, become it—There are many possible ways of making Pinwheel YOUR farm or other future! What new ideas, energy and resources can you bring to Pinwheel Farm’s next 20+ years?

For 20 years, I’ve been the driving force and visionary behind the growth of this lovely place as it has transformed from a 10-acre conventional cornfield with a view of I-70 and adjacent industrial areas to 12 secluded acres of diverse wildlife habitat, sheep pasture, and market garden with two sustainability-oriented homes. Many wonderful folks have helped along the way, but it’s been a different cast of characters every year. It’s been fun and challenging. It’s been brutal and inspiring. It has never been boring!

I’m ready for more boring now…either by turning the farm over to someone else’s skillful stewardship, or by bringing in other commited folks with energy, talents, experience, resources, and vision to partner with me in continuing to operate the farm.

I’m ready to step back and let someone else take the leadership…and even some of the ownership, if desired…perhaps even set an entirely new course for this place. What direction would YOU like to take the farm? What is YOUR vision for this 12 acres, or part of it? How will YOU make your dream happen here?

If you, personally, don’t have a dream for this place, maybe you know someone who does. Please spread this far and wide. Let’s make it viral on the internet…I know the right people are out there, somewhere.

There are so many possibilities that I can imagine, and I’m sure you have even more. I want to hear from people everywhere, with all kinds of ideas…especially those people who are ready and able to bring their ideas to fruition.


I’ll consider proposals for these general types of arrangements or others that I haven’t imagined yet:

  • Outright purchase of some or all of my real estate.
  • Short-term or long-term lease of some or all of the current Pinwheel Farm real estate for residential, farming, educational or spiritual use.
  • Collaboration, co-operative, or partnership with me to operate the farm or another enterprise at this location.
  • Donation of some or all of my real estate to a non-profit or government entity for well-defined purposes other than resale.
  • Purchase, lease, donation, or collaboration (etc.) of my livestock and equipment.
  • Other out-side-the-box ideas for my future and the future of this place.

The name “Pinwheel Farm” does not have to follow the real estate. In fact, if the proposed future is very different in character from Pinwheel’s past 20 years, I may not allow the name to be used.

The sky’s the limit on your imagination, as long as you can back up your imagination with solid, feasible plans and logistics.


Consider this a springboard for your own vision. The idea of this list is to convey the broad range of possibilities. Hopefully you’ll have even better ideas, as well as the skills and resources to carry them out! You could propose to:

  • Lease the farmhouse as a residence unrelated to the farm.
  • Lease all or part of the farm as a farm.
  • Buy the real estate for a premium price so that I could establish a farm elsewhere. You would allow me to utilize the land for a couple more years while I develop the new farm and move the sheep in an orderly and sustainable manner.
  • Buy the farmhouse, while I keep the farm and the brown house, and continue operating the farm. Endless possibilities for shared access, use of farm ground, involvement with farm operation, etc.
  • Buy the brown house with a larger reconfigured lot. I would get to keep an easement for access to the brown barn. Someone else might buy the farm and farmhouse, or I would keep them and keep farming.
  • Form a cooperative to operate the whole farm, and include me to some extent…or not. This could be a long term lease, or a purchase.
  • Start a Tiny Home garden community (“dacha community”) on the farm ground, with the farmhouse as a shared community house. Someone else would be the business person. I would manage the grounds and farm operation.
  • Arrange for me to donate or sell the land to an organization that will preserve it as agricultural or wildlife land. The organization would hire me to manage it. Maybe I would also provide learning opportunities, train apprentices, do research, etc. Someone else would do the marketing and bookkeeping. I would have a livable income and retirement options. Pinwheel could grow food for the hungry, house the homeless, heal and rehabilitate the broken, train the next generation of agricultural entrepreneurs, educate the children, exercise the community.
  • Purchase all or part of the farm’s breeding stock, equipment, etc. separate from the farm, if the farm is converted to a different type of farm or non-farming use.

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