Make A Proposal!

It should go without saying that synopses and proposals must be practical, honest, transparent, above-board, and for legal activities only. Pinwheel has experienced significant betrayals in the past, and WILL deal assertively with any willful attempt to mislead or defraud, or to sabotage this process. If your previous relationship with Pinwheel did not end well, don’t even bother reading further, and don’t share this with your friends or family.
To begin the proposal process:
  1. Submit a synopsis (one page equivalent) of your idea, along with your resume or equivalent information, a few pertinent links if desired (with notes on how they pertain), and complete contact information, via email (if possible) to or to Pinwheel RFP, P.O. Box 1561, Lawrence, KS, 66044. If submitting by mail, include two SASEs. Include a short, unique, descriptive name for your proposal so we can keep them all straight.
  2. I will acknowledge all synopses that I receive, and confirm your proposal name. Once your proposal name is confirmed, be patient with me and keep dreaming/working on details on your end. There is no way to predict how quickly this process will take place.
  3. Keep checking for updates–here, Facebook, blog, etc.
  4. On request, provide more information. You may also provide updates to let me know of further developments in your situation, to respond to new information from Pinwheel’s website  or the proposal blog, etc.
  5. If you decide Pinwheel isn’t your life goal after submitting a synopsis, please ask us to close out your file ASAP. Once you’ve withdrawn a request, please don’t submit another one. Pinwheel needs steady, consistent vision. You may, however, revise your synopsis significantly or merge it with another party’s synopsis.
  6. On request, provide a complete, detailed, formal proposal.


Feel free to include maps, drawings, photos, videos, etc., that help to convey your vision/plans/qualifications. There should be enough detail that I know you’re serious and able to carry out your vision.

Detailed formal proposals will be requested for synopses that interest me and seem sound.  Formal proposals should include resumes for all parties involved, references, detailed business plan, personal/organizational financial information, etc., as appropriate to the idea being proposed. Reasonable timelines will be negotiated for final proposals.

Electronic submittals are strongly encouraged, but not required. All submittal formats will be considered equal for ranking purposes. I’ll try to make information available to seriously interested parties without computer access, to the extent I can afford to do so.

Anonymous proposals are not allowed. Identity of all parties involved must be clearly documented, except for future employees/volunteers who are not currently known.

If I see something in a synopsis, proposal, or communication that looks like it could be a serious “no-go” for me/the farm, I will be candid about pointing it out. This may feel unfair or unkind at the time, but my intent is to respect everyone’s valuable time. I’m very aware of the amount of time, energy, hopes, etc. that you’ll put into this process, because I’ve written a lot of proposals myself. I don’t want you spending time writing proposals when I already know there’s a major barrier.

Depending on the situation, I may try to work through barriers with you and suggest solutions. I expect honest responses; my suggestions may not be feasible for you and if they aren’t, don’t agree to them. I also have  enough experience to know that people are who they are, and if they don’t fit at Pinwheel, they just don’t…and that doesn’t mean that they aren’t wonderful people with important dreams/goals.

I may put some proposals “on hold” for reconsideration in case other proposals turn out to not be what they claim.

Any form of harassment, fraud, slander, libel, etc. associated with this process will not be tolerated.

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