Pinwheel Farm occupies a total of just over 12 acres. There are a lot of irregularities and challenges which I’ve made good progress in resolving; ideally, your proposed use will continue this work. I will gladly continue to advise on these issues. Despite the problems, it has tremendous potential. The three attributes of a property that are most important and permanent–location, soil type, and groundwater–are all outstanding.

North portion of pasture is in floodplain, but most of property is outside all FEMA flood zones. Four parcels (A – D) are zoned Ag and are located in Douglas County, KS. The fifth parcel, (E), is zoned RS-10, located in Lawrence, KS. The Lawrence/Douglas County Northeast Sector Plan designates all of Pinwheel Farm as “low density residential” use. All five parcels are contiguous. Two parcels have residences; the other three can be combined to create a third buildable parcel.

  • Parcel A (Farmhouse): 1.14 A with street frontage, non-conforming but vested. Several fruit trees located on this parcel: Apple, pear, persimmon, cherry, dessert-quality mulberry, Carpathian walnut. Challenges: Includes a recorded Right-of-Way for the farm ground. No natural gas service; gas lines would disturb trees along driveway. Part of lateral field is located on Parcel B; County has agreed that if the properties are sold separately, an easement should be drawn up to grant Parcel A use of the area occupied by the laterals until the septic system is eventually moved.
  •  Parcel B (Farm ground): 9.8 A.  4.5 A pasture/silvopasture. 2.5 A 150′ wide shelter belt/buffer strip planted with trees, shrubs and native grasses/forbs in 1998 on north and west sides (CRP Riparian Protection Program for 15 years; enrollment ended in 2014). 2.5 A lanes, buildings, vegetable production area, sheep and poultry facilities. Has a well permit but well hasn’t been installed yet. Electrical lines and water lines are in place on the south 2.5 A, and are currently supplied from Parcel A. Black and red raspberries, gooseberries, wild plum, black walnut, pecan, mulberries, other trees and perennials. Challenges: Currently landlocked. Water and electricity are currently supplied from Parcel B, but well permit has been purchased for a new well on this parcel and many of the parts for installing a sand point are on hand…fairly easy DIY project. City is trying to purchase an easement through the middle of the pasture to run a water transmission main that would not supply water to the farm, ever. Neighbors love fireworks and loud vehicles, and have extremely bright lights that always shine onto the property.
  • Parcel C (Tan House) .5 A. Former residence now designated as Ag Use building. Vested, but no water on this parcel makes it unbuildable in its current state. However, it has a septic system that can be renovated as an approved disposal site for portable handwash stations, chemical toilets, etc. Combining it with Parcel B would make Parcel B buildable. Elderberries, black walnuts. Challenges: Very narrow and long. No utilities, though it does have access to gas service.
  • Parcel D (Brown Barn) .66 A. Has metal shed. Landlocked, with no utilities. Could be combined with Parcel B/C. Challenges: Neighbor lights keep this area brightly illuminated at all times.
  • Parcel E (Brown House) .33 A in Lawrence, KS. Non-conforming but “grandfathered”. Lot can be made conforming by splitting off some of Parcel D and combining it with Parcel E; would require survey, annexation, rezoning and platting. Grapes, roses. Challenges: Non-conforming lot size (too small) and home placement on lot (too close to street by modern setbacks); repairs needed. Neighbors.

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