Livestock and Related Equipment

Sheep: 19 head of breeding stock at present, selected over 19 years for meat, milk and wool production in a forage-fed management system. Breeds included in cross including Finn, Romney, California Variegated Mutant, Lincoln, Dorsett, East Friesien, Ile de France, and Gulf Coast Native. Ages range from ewe lamb to 10 years old. Colors include white, gray (badgerface), black. Fleece types include long/luster and medium. Most ewes will stand reasonably well for hand milking and have long lactations. Includes two breeding rams, one line-bred from original Pinwheel Farm stock, and one East Friesien/Gulf Coast Native cross from Green Dirt Farm.

Chickens and turkeys: Assorted “designer chicken” breeding projects focusing on specific colors and other attributes. Feed is sourced from a local feed mill that provides a GMO-free locally milled formula.

Watering equipment, including tanks, barrels, de-icers, automatic float valves, hoses, ice breaking tools, etc.

Mineral feeders, troughs, rubber feed pans, etc.

Lead ropes, collars, crooks, shackles, gambrel restraints.

Lambing aids and treatments.

10’ long chute for weighing, treating, and sorting, includes beam scale.

Loading ramp on wheels with trailer hitch (needs new running gear).

Pickup trailer with ladder rack/stock rack (rough).

Mini pickup trailer (rough).

Electric fence system, including AC charger, at least 7 sections (165’) of Electronet fencing, poly twine, poly rope, other conductors, posts, and insulators of all descriptions.

Hand milking equipment.

Chest freezers for meat storage and wool protection.

Small portable freezer for market display.

Ice chests for transporting processed meat (at least 7 or 8).

Miscellaneous animal crates/kennels/hutches.

Sheep production challenges: Parasite (primarily haemonchus contortus) management; Independence Day fireworks stress; heat stress.

Poultry production challenges: Rodent competition for feed, including mice, pack rats and squirrels; aerial predators; skunks and opossums; potential for coyote, raccoon, and fox predation. Marketing of hatching eggs. Processing of extra roosters from breeding program.


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