Permits, Zoning, Etc.

All non-residential buildings have Certificates of Agricultural Use exempting them from building permits as long as they are used only for approved agricultural uses.

All property is zoned “A” Agricultural, except Parcel E which is zoned “RS-10”.

Agritourism registrations with State and County would need revised to reflect new ownership and/or activities.

The well permit for a new well on Parcel B would transfer with sale of the farm ground, if the well is not yet installed at time of purchase.

Camping in RVs or tents by owners, residents, farm volunteers and friends is allowed, per decision of the Douglas County Commission, as long as sanitary codes are met.

Pit privy superstructure can be rebuilt to meet ADA standards, but in-ground portion must remain unchanged and cannot be replaced when it exceeds its useful life.

RVs/tiny houses on wheels are permitted by right for residential use, provided that the occupants are involved in the work of the farm, and that all sanitation and safety precautions are met, per Douglas County Agricultural Zoning code and definitions.

Brown house on Parcel E has a Conditional Occupancy Permit until several projects are finished. Cannot be rented out as is; must be owner occupied.


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