Vegetable Growing Equipment

Pinwheel has specialized in minimal tillage methods, with no irrigation.

Hand tillage and cultivation tools, including Valley Oak Wheel Hoe, custom “Seven-Row Furrower”, customized hoes, etc.

Walk-behind lawn mowers for making/gathering clippings for mulching

Bulb crates, aluminum totes, 5-gal. buckets, etc.

Net veggie washing bags in several sizes

Stainless steel 3-basin commercial-type sink sized to fit bulb totes

Stainless steel 4-basin commercial-type sink with small basins.

Stainless steel 3-basin commercial-type sink with small basins.

Large stainless steel countertop

Large salad spinners (need work)

Large galvanized slatted rack

Misc, hoses, nozzles, brushes, scissors, knives, etc.

Two large garden carts (wood needs replacing); many smaller conveyances

Galvanized wire row cover hoops

5′ x 2′ re-wire tomato cages, approx. 100, plus many other cages and plant supports

Rebar stakes for supporting cages, row markers, etc.


Vegetable growing challenges: Current lack of adequate cold storage and temperature-controlled (non-freezing) winter storage. Need to purchase more veggie washing bags. Need to find new markets and increase yields…at the same time.

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