Regarding the following links:
To aid your quest for more information in pursuing a path related to our own, we suggest the following websites. Their appearance here does not signify our endorsement of an organization’s policies or activities, nor their endorsement of Pinwheel Farm or its policies and activities. We’ve included some of these simply because we often refer people to these sites or organizations rather than spending a lot of our time answering questions that are covered well by these sites. Take what you like and leave the rest. What works for us, here, may not work for you, there.

If you have suggested a link to us, and it doesn’t appear here, please don’t take it personally. We are limited in time.

The volume of information on the internet is staggering. In our daily work, we tend to pick a few sources for our needs, and stick with those, building long-term relationships and supporting groups that seem compatible with our goals. This does not always result in the cheapest prices but, we feel, does result in the best long-term value.

Planning and Development:
City of Lawrence Planning and Development Draft Plans

The Planning Commission Approved Draft can be viewed here (PDF; right-click to save). This plan will have a huge bearing on the future of Pinwheel Farm, the preservation of Class 1 and 2 soils, and of agriculture in general in Douglas County north of the river.

Agriculture in Lawrence and Kansas:
C.L.U.C.K. – Coalition of Lawrence Urban Chicken Keepers
Growing Lawrence
Kansas Department of Agriculture
No NBAF in Kansas

Caprine Supply Dairy supplies…conveniently located in DeSoto, KS.
Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Potato Garden This is where we get our fancy variety seed potatoes.
Premier 1 Supplies THE BEST for sheep fencing and equipment.
The Shepherd’s Mill, Inc. Wool processing right here in Kansas!

Other useful information:
High Tunnels
Post-harvest vegetable care on the farm
Not a farmer? This will help you keep your veggies fresher after purchase, as well.

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