Farmers’ Market

DSCF3894Visit the Pinwheel Farm booth at the Downtown Lawrence Farmer’s Market! Look for the green table cloths and white canopy near the north end of the east side of the west lane of the east lot. If that description is confusing…walk north from the portapotty. We’re on the right, second-to-last booth.

For the last several years, we’ve been sharing our booth space with Ayako Mizumura’s Bimi Bakery. Ayako used to have a personal garden space at Pinwheel, but her busy booming bakery has taken time away from gardening! Ayako makes a wide range of beautiful Japanese-style pastries using exotic ingredients such as matcha (green tea powder), red bean paste, chestnuts, dried cherry blossoms, sweet potatoes, and sake.

We’re there just about every Saturday morning from Opening Day (usually the second Saturday in April) until Closing Day (usually the last Saturday before Thanksgiving). Exception: Natalya will not be at the market on Closing Day of 2016.


Personal tragedies have taken several long-time volunteers away from Pinwheel Farm’s Farmer’s Market booth in the last few years. We miss them terribly because they were good friends whom we enjoyed spending time with each week. But we also miss their reliable help to operate the booth. Would you like to volunteer at the Pinwheel Farm booth on a weekly basis? Volunteers have typically earned a “market breakfast”, free produce from the booth, and discounts on meat and wool products.

Also, Pinwheel Farm has the potential to host a small neighborhood farmer’s market or on-farm retail store at the farm. It’s an ideal location–the adjacent North Lawrence neighborhood is classed as a “food desert” due to lack of a near-by grocery store. It’s accessible by bus or bicycle, and on foot. Many neighbors grow their own vegetables and eggs, but many don’t. A small, festive market could be a fun addition to our eclectic community, and provide a social gathering place.

Some form of on-farm retail area will be essential if/when Pinwheel resumes dairying, since Kansas law only allows raw milk to be sold at the farm where it is produced. Dairying would bring a lot of customers to a farm store, as it has in the past.

Our Douglas County agritourism registration specifically allows a farmer’s market including other producers; a site plan was approved several years ago, and driveway modifications were made to begin implementation of the site plan. However, one person just can’t do it all. Would you like to organize and manage a farm store or farmer’s market at Pinwheel?


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